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Jennifer & Marcel

The Bride

Jennifer was born in Vancouver, BC. She has one older sister. She graduated high school and went on to university in Toronto. She moved to Victoria upon graduation, accepting a job as a sports therapist with Rugby Canada.

The Groom

Marcel was born in Victoria, BC. He has one sister and one brother. He is the oldest of all of them. He started working on yachts and in marinas when he was 14 before going to college in Victoria. After college he went right back to the yacht business. He loves his work almost as much as he loves his fiancee!!!

"Happy is the man who finds a true friend, and far happier is he who finds that true friend in his wife”

Events Schedule

Cocktail Party

Ted’s Bar and Grill

Wedding Ceremony

Raven Lodge

After Wedding Party

Nordic Centre

The Wedding


Raven Lodge

324 Nordic Drive

Mount Washington, BC

Gift Registry

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Bear Lodge

1280 Alpine Way

Mount Washington, BC

Location & Venue

Ceremony - 4:30pm

Raven Lodge

324 Nordic Drive

Mount Washington, BC

Reception - 6:00pm

Nordic Centre

344 Nordic Drive

Mount Washington, BC

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